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I like dragons and dinosaurs, I draw, and I cry about anime a lot- Mostly over Royai and Hinanami. I cosplay as well, so my obsessions usually come with one or two costumes. There's a lot of anime/Japanese stuff on here; mostly DR, SDR2, and FMA; and other stuff.

I'm married to Hajime Hinata.

important notice of hire: looking for someone to cuddle with forever and doesn’t care that I sleep for 400 years at a time and I’m sleepy at like every moment


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what ableism is

  • actively making fun of disabled people
  • deliberately triggering someone’s mental illnesses (such as doing something to mess with their ocd, or trying to trigger a mood swing if they’re bipolar, trying to trigger a breakdown if they have anxiety issues)
  • asking a disabled person to do something they obviously can’t for the sake of humor and cheap laughs
  • using them as the butt of a joke

what ableism isn’t

  • a teenager calling someone on the internet stupid


Snapchats of Bifröst; Brazilian Rainbow Boa glitter noodle. *:・゚✧


 Wall Graffiti


Smooth green question mark

SD biologists wonder what’s become of an uncommon, common snake

by Lance Nixon

On paper they’re as common as grass.

But outside the textbooks, the smooth green snake, Opheodrys vernalis – or “grass snake,” as some people in South Dakota call it – might not be as common as even scientists believe.

That’s the concern that Black Hills State University biologist Brian Smith and his graduate student, Brian Blais, share.

“My thesis is focusing on the genetic diversity across the species range,” Blais said.” We suspect that there may be genetically distinct populations scattered across its range – including differentiation of the Black Hills vs. the Prairie Pothole Region within South Dakota – and my study should shed light on that issue. Identifying these fragile populations could offer recommendations to wildlife managers.”…

(read more: Capital Journal)

photograph by Brian Blais


"bisexual? you mean you’re experimenting?"

*kicks test tubes and alien hybrid under a desk* “um no what do you mean”




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